The best laminate brand in India provides you with the timber product that’s most widely utilized in the home. They are most frequently employed as an overlay over wooden furniture. Laminate presents amazing looks to the home. It’s not hard to keep and more lasting. Cosmetic Laminates are tough and brittle sheets with a thickness of about 1 mm and are commonly employed as an overlay over timber, like in the case of laminated tabletops, timber planks, or other wooden furniture. 

Dependent on the end-user the marketplace of decorative laminates is split into five broad sections: cabinets, furniture, floors, shop fixtures as well as others. Since Decorative Laminates are created surfaces, they still have a massive number of colours, designs, and textures. Decorative laminates the appearance and feel will be the critical facts since they’re generally utilized to decorate and protect wooden furniture.

Here we make a list of the best laminate brand in India

  1. Stylam

Stylam is the best laminate brand in India which the largest infrastructure and production firms of all Laminates in Asia and one of the very best High-pressure laminate manufacturers in India. Stylam launched in the year of 1991, until now they’re one of the most effective High-pressure laminate manufacturers in India with over 1200 distinct layouts in 120 and different feel.

They’re offering the broadest choice of surfaces and designs accessible to coordinate with your creativity and create your layout distinctively.

Its different products are mentioned below –

Stylam has some unique surface designs as given below –

  • Digital Laminates
  • Postforming Laminates
  • Unicore Laminates

For more information contact below –

Address: SEO 14, sector 7C, Madya Marq, Chandigarh, India-160019


Phone No: +91-172-5021555

  1. Sunmica

AICA Laminates India Pvt Ltd. was Created in November 2011. Sunmica is a favourite manufacturer among the best laminate brand in India. It’s a decorative laminate sheet that’s usually used as an overlay over wooden furniture. Sunmica includes enormous credibility in the laminate industry. The brand name changes to the item name as a result of first introduced via this Company. The Clients in India walk into electronic plywood and laminates store they request Sunmica not Laminates. That is exactly what Sunmica earn throughout their company operations.

For info,

Address: Jet Air House 4th Floor, 13 Community Centre, Yusuf Sarai New Delhi – 110 049, INDIA

  1. Greenlam

One of the world’s top three manufacturers of laminates and also the best laminate brand in India, Greenlam Laminates attracts a heritage of excellent artistry, unsurpassed quality and unyielding passion for excellence into the table.

GreenPly Industries Ltd. is an India-based multinational firm which has a solid presence in the plywood, veneers, particleboard and decorative laminates marketplace in India. They have a group of 2500 employees and a network of over 12000 traders and vendors.

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Address: Godown Area, Near Vivekanand School Road Village, Prabhat Road, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603

  1. Royale touche Laminates

Royale touche is a pioneer of a luxury laminate manufacturer in India launched 1978 at Wadhwan, Gujarat. Royal touche can also be Called group of business that are, Royale Touche Vitrified Tiles, Royal Bond Adhesive, Royal Decor Luxury Furniture and obviously Royale Touche Laminates.

Royal signature luxury laminates have the greatest high pressure and streamlined laminates of 1 mm, 1.25 mm & 2-millimeter thickness.

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Address: Daya Niwas, 137, S. K. Bole Road, Opp. Portuguese Church, 

Dadar West, Mumbai – 400028

  1. Durian 

About 1st Feb 2006, Durian started its exemplary unit to the production of cosmetic high-pressure laminates. This company is widely known for its exceptional artistry, unyielding fire and unsurpassed quality for excellence. Along with Decorative HPL (High-Pressure Laminates), Durian company has an extremely efficient chemical plant which produces resins used in the laminate production procedure.

Durian is popular for the best laminate brand in India, its Creation of Abrasion Resistant Laminates, Metal Foil Laminates, Chalk Board Laminates, Digital Printed Laminates, Post Forming Laminates, Door Skins, and Screen Printed Laminates. Their unit Has specialized compound plant, that produces resins. These resins are used in laminate creation.

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Address: Lucknow, Uttarpradesh

  1. Formica

Formica International is a US-based company that takes pride to have devised this merchandise for the very first time in”Westinghouse Electric Corporation” situated in the U.S. in the year 1912.

Formica has entered from the Indian marketplace lately. This brand supplies designed surfacing solutions both for industrial in addition to residential clients all around the world. This firm is also the largest manufacturer of world-class high tech laminates.

“Formica International” is a US-based company that started its operations in the united states and, then disperse it to whole Asia and Europe. Until date, this firm has successfully delivered its solutions in India for almost 10+ years.

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Address: G4, B1 (EXT.) Mohan Co-Operative, Mathura Road,

New Delhi – 110044

  1. Virgo Laminates

Virgo laminate is a renowned best laminate brand in India. This firm started its laminate production centre in 2000 which has over a million sq. feet of manufacturing space.

The Virgo Group of companies occupies an integral presence in the subject of veneers, plywood, decorative laminates and particle board marketplace in India. Having a workforce of over 1000 workers, Virgo laminates is an extremely established company famous for its remarkable marketplace presence in many countries all around the world.

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Address: Plot No.-828, Industrial Area, Phase-2, Chandigarh – 160002

  1. ASIS Laminates

Shirdi Industries Limited (“Shirdi” or the”Company”), established in 1993, is a timber-based inside decor solution supplier, engaged in the production and supply of a range of wood-based panel products. They have a state of art production Center at Pantnagar, Bhivandi, Coimbatore, and Roorkee. Led from Mr. Rakesh Agarwal, that has been in the industry since 1993.

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Address: Plot 1, Sector 9, IIE Sidcul, Pantnagar, 

District U.S, Nagar, Uttarakhand.

  1. Merino Laminates

Merino is a manufacturer and exporter of decorative laminates from past 48 decades, exporting over 60 nations across the world such as USA, South Africa, China, Russia, Sri-lanka, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia etc. Merino laminates have more than 10,000 layouts, colours, textures & finishes.

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Address: 5, Kurla Industrial. Estate , Narayan Nagar, Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai -400086.

  1. Sundek

Sundek is the pioneer in best Laminates brand in India. Bringing imaginations to existence since 1987. Sundek includes a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit situated 45 km from Ahmedabad city in the village Rajpur. The mill has ultra-modern imported machinery and greatest technological practices embraced from around the 1970, Mr. Sitaram Gupta began supply of goods of 4 decorative laminate producers.

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Address: 204, Lalita Complex, Rasala Marg, Near HDFC Bank,  Ahmedabad-380009 Gujarat, India.

At the End

There are lots of laminate brands in India however Stylam is your one that is the very best laminate brand in India with over 1200 surface layouts in 120+ textures. They’re utilized the best technologies to create those laminates, they eventually become the largest Laminates firm in Asia.

If you consider the cost then the best aspect of Stylam is they utilize the most recent technology that lets them decrease the purchase price and cause a rise in the grade of the item. They supply the greatest reasonable price with best in class quality.