High-pressure laminate brand in India uses the laminates that are made up of using 60-70% of paper and 30-40% resin. Resin is in the middle of the laminates which increases the compulsion of the laminates. Outer texture is given by the melamine-formaldehyde Resin.

Laminates are used in overly of the furniture, kitchen shutters, cabinets and walls to give it a more beautiful look. Laminates are a strong block that is recommended by the interior designers as it’s strong, durable, fire retardant and chemical resistance. So which is the best High-pressure laminate Brand in India which offers the best quality laminates?  


Top 5 High-pressure laminate Brands in India


Stylam is Asia’s largest infrastructure & manufacturing Company of Laminates and the best High-pressure laminate brand in India. Stylam was started in the year 1991 till now they have reached amongst the best High-pressure laminate brand in India with more than 1200 different designs in 120 plus different texture.

They offer the widest selection of patterns and surfaces available to match your imagination and make your design unique.

Various products offered by Stylam are:

They also offer special surface designs which are more advanced and so beautiful which will add a total new design to your house. 

  • Digital laminates. 
  • Postforming laminates
  • Unicore laminates 

These are just a few designs they have a wide range of design. They also one of the leading Exporters in the laminates with a capacity of 1.3 million sheets of laminates per month. 

For more information:

Website: https://www.stylam.com



Address: SCO 14, Sec 7C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh (UT), 160019


Merino Laminates:

Merino laminates also a world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of decorative laminates for the interiors segment. The market reach is in over 60 countries and an extensive range of high-pressure Laminates. 

Merino Laminates also have a wide range of design collection designs, textures colors. Complementary products from the Merino Group include plywood, melamine-faced particle board & MDF board, and post-formed panels for the interiors industry.

Merino Laminates brand was founded in 1981 and now they export to 60 countries around the globe with a team of 3000 people across three manufacturing sites, 19 offices in India. You can find their branch in Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, etc. 

For more information:

Address:70, KLJ Complex, 2nd Floor, Moti Nagar, New Delhi-110015

011-45557000, 25107617



Greenlam  Industries Ltd:

Greenlam is also the best High-pressure laminates brand in India  after the Stylam. Greenlam company has a team of more than 3000 employees and a network of over 12000 dealers and distributors.  Greenlam is an India based multinational company that also made a strong presence in the market of Indian in plywood, veneers and decorative laminates. 

They also provide a wider range of different laminates which include compact laminates, veneer Laminates, laminates, and MFC. Greenlam Industries was located at  Behror, Rajasthan and Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh, with a manufacturing capacity of over 12.2 million sheets per annum.

For more information. 

Address: 25/B, Shop No. E & F., Mirza Ghalib Road, Park Street. Opposite Westside Mall, Kolkata – 700016, India

+033 4601 7151; +91 62921 26662



AICA-Sunmica was first established in 2011 and In 2014 It was launched in India. This is one of the best japanese companies in Indian which builds the laminates with the best use of japanese technology. 

In India, their manufacturing unit is in Rudrapur and Uttarakhand which is truly a world-class manufacturing plant. Sunmica also has its own R&D center where they do research to keep up the level of the quality of the laminates. 

For more information: 

Address: Jet Air House 4th Floor, 13 Community Centre, Yusuf Sarai New Delhi – 110 049




Alfa Ica India Ltd

Alfa Ica India Ltd is an ISO certified Company that builds environment-friendly products and are leading laminates Manufacturers & Exporters and the best High-pressure laminate brand in India. Their main aim to provide customer satisfaction by delivering the best and fastest services. 

Alfa Ica India Ltd has headquarters in Ahmedabad, Alfa Ica produces approximately 6 million sq.mts of laminates in a variety of shapes, styles and colors which are exported in high volumes to Europe, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.

This company has good brand value in foreign countries as it has received international quality standard certificates which the NEMA Standard (US), EN 438 (Europe), ISO 4586 standard.

For more information: 

Address: Alfa-Palazzo, Satellite Road, Near ShivRanjani X Road, Satellite Road, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

+91 79 2675 4030




There are so many laminate brands in India but Stylam is the one which is the best High-pressure laminate Brand in India with more than 1200 designs in 120+ textures. They use the best technology to build these laminates as they are Asia’s biggest Laminates company. 

If you’re thinking about the price then the best part of Stylam is that they use the latest technology which helps them to reduce the price and result in an increase in the quality of the product. They offer the best reasonable price with best in class quality. 

For more information contact below: 

Website: https://www.stylam.com



SCO 14, Sec 7C,

Madhya Marg, Chandigarh,

Chandigarh (UT), 160019