High-pressure laminate brands in India use the laminates that are made up of using 60-70% of paper and 30-40% resin. Resin is in the middle of the laminates which increases the compulsion of the laminates. Outer texture has given by the melamine-formaldehyde Resin.

Laminates are used to finish for furniture elements, as they provide an attractive look at comparatively at a cheap price. Due to the availability of various types of laminates, commercial and corporate offices, industries, restaurants, hotels, showrooms, etc. are also decorated by using laminates. 

There are various types of laminates available in the market according to their materiality. These are manufactured by the renowned brands, which a homeowner must know, before buying laminates, for their house.

Mentioned below the Top 5 High-Pressure Laminate brands in India


  • Stylam:


Stylam is one of the largest infrastructure and manufacturing companies of Laminates in Asia and also one of the best High-pressure laminate brands in India. Stylam established in the year of 1991, till today they have reached among the best High-pressure laminate brands in India with more than 1200 different designs in 120 plus different texture.

They are offering the widest selection of patterns and surfaces available to match your imagination and make your design unique.

Different types of products offered by Stylam is shown below :  

Advance surface designs are also mentioned here:

  • Digital laminates. 
  • Postforming laminates
  • Unicore laminates 

These are a few designs they have a wide range of design. They are also leading Exporters in the laminates with a capacity of 1.3 million sheets of laminates every month. 

For more information:

Address: SCO 14, Sec 7C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh (UT), 160019

Website: https://www.stylam.com

Contact: +91-172-5021666

E-mail: info@stylam.com


  • Greenlam:


Among the top 5 positions in the world, GREENLAM is sharing 18% in the organized domestic market, holding the role of the best high-pressure laminate brands in India. The Brand is giving the vast network of distribution of over 14,000 distributors, dealers, and retailers across the country and is also moving in international with its own distribution setup in 13 countries and marketing in around 100 countries.

For Queries, Visit : 

Telephone: 0172 507 3185

Address: Godown Area, Near Vivekanand School Road Village,

Prabhat Road, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603


  • CenturyPly:


The First ISO 9002 Accredited among the best high-pressure laminate brands in India, CenturyPLY is the front-runner from the laminate Sector. The business took giant strides and the biggest seller of cosmetic and interrogate laminates from the Indian coordinated laminate marketplace. CenturyPly Laminates, it is called Century Laminates these days, move on the sector and instantly escalates into the top.

For queries, Visit:

Telephone: 011 2656 2431

Address: Mundka Rd, Sector 2, Bakkarwala, Delhi, 110041


  • AICA Laminates:


AICA Laminates was established in November 2011. Sunmica is a popular brand of AICA laminates in India. It is excessive validity in the AICA laminate industry. The Customers in India walk into electronics plywood and laminates shops they ask for Sunmica, maybe not Laminates. This is exactly what Sunmica earned during their company operations.

To Know More:

Telephone: 011 2656 2431

Address: Jet Air House, 4th Floor, 13 Community Centre, Balbir Saxena Marg,

Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi 110049


  • Alfa Ica India Ltd:


Alfa Ica India Ltd is an ISO certified Company that produced eco-friendly products and is leading laminates Manufacturers & Exporters and the best High-pressure laminate brands in India. Their main targets to provide customer satisfaction by delivering the best and smart services. 

Alfa Ica India Ltd has the headquarters in Ahmedabad, it produces approximately 6 million sq.mts of laminates in a variety of shapes, styles and colours which are exported in high volumes to Europe, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. Alfa ice has good brand status in foreign countries as it has received international quality standard certificates which the NEMA Standard (US), EN 438 (Europe), ISO 4586 standard.

For more information: 

Address: Alfa-Palazzo, Satellite Road, Near ShivRanjani X Road, 

Satellite Road, Jodhpur, Ahmadabad, Gujarat 380015

Contact: +91 79 2675 4030

Summing Up

There are many laminate brands in India but Stylam is the one which is the best High-pressure laminate Brand in India with more than 1200 surface designs in 120+ textures. They are used the best technology to build these laminates, they become the biggest Laminates company in Asia. 

If you think about the price then the best part of Stylam is that they use the latest technology which helps them to reduce the price and result in an increase in the quality of the product. They offer the best reasonable price with best in class quality.