As you know, kidney stones nowadays are a very common problem among men and women by which they have to suffer from various symptoms like pain, discomfort, etc. However, if you talk about its causes, it varies according to the type of stone-like calcium stone, cystine, uric acid, and struvite. 

Now, when we talk about its treatment, it depends upon the size of the stone it’s made of, is causing excess pain, and whether kidney stone is blocking the urinary tract. However, to figure out the perfect treatment, the doctor asks the patient to have some tests like a blood test, urine test, CT Scan or X-Ray. 

If the result shows that the kidney stone is small, then the doctor prescribes some medication and asks to drink a lot of water so that the stone will come out through the urinary tract. Moreover, if the stone is large and blocking the urinary tract, some additional treatment is needed to get rid of it.

Other treatment options are: –

  1. Lithotripsy
  2. Ureteroscopy
  3. Tunnel surgery is also called percutaneous nephrolithotomy. 
  4. Retrograde Intra Surgery

Nowadays, as kidney stones are increasing, people rely more on RIRS treatment in Chandigarh as it is the latest method of treating kidney stones with the help of a laser beam without any incision. If you see its results, this treatment is very successful as it is a safe, reliable, and efficient method to remove a kidney stone. 

In this process, the surgeon uses an endoscope instrument with a camera at its end to reach the bladder via a urethra. After this, the endoscope moves near the kidney area and identifies a stone, and blasts it with the help of a laser.

So, if you are suffering from a kidney stone, then take RIRS treatment in Chandigarh for the best results.