The period of menstruation can be a challenging one for almost every woman out there. However, things can be worsened if a woman is suffering from menorrhagia. Menorrhagia is known to be a situation in which the regular blood flow during menstruation is higher, and the duration easily exceeds seven days. 

Carrying out everyday tasks can become challenging for women suffering from menorrhagia, and treatment needs to be given in this situation as soon as possible. Things can turn out to be worse if the patient starts showing signs of anemia. So, it is best to suppress every possible cause for menorrhagia and work in accordance with a specialist like Dr Ramandeep Kaur, Chandigarh.

Hormonal balance

The main cause of menorrhagia is considered a hormonal imbalance. Every woman faces hormonal imbalance at some or the other point in their life, which in some situations can turn out to form situations for menorrhagia. 


Infections come along with a high possibility of turning out to challenging situations like menorrhagia for women. STIs play a common role when the talk comes to infections, and hence it is crucial for women to keep themselves off of any sort of infections. 

Complications accompanied by pregnancy.

Pregnancy always pops up with a variety of problems and challenges for every woman, and menorrhagia is a common situation arising due to the above complication. 

Cancerous or non-cancerous growth in the uterus

The uterus experiences the growth of unwanted cells at some or the other point in time, which can be cancerous or non-cancerous and this growth, in turn, can form situations for menorrhagia. 

End Thoughts

Heavy bleeding for an irregular period of time is undoubtedly troublesome for any woman. The best thing one can do is go briefly with the above causes of menorrhagia and book an appointment with an experienced gynae doctor in Chandigarh.