We are back with hottest news of the week from Silicon Valley. A lot of things happened in the tech world this week. Ransomware returned and has become more of a headache for global businesses and organizations. While Facebook launched “Discover” to discover chatbots, Volkswagen got serious about AI.


Now, let’s go through the tech news of the bygone week in a regular way!


Volkswagen and NVidia’s Partnership!

The auto giant, Volkswagen is working with NVidia to expand its usage of Artificial Intelligence beyond autonomous vehicles. Volkswagen wants to use AI and deep learning to power new opportunities within its corporate business functions.

Artificial Intelligence is the key to the digital future of Volkswagen and cooperation with NVidia will be a major step towards it. That is why Volkswagen is expanding its AI knowhow. Complete post here


Ransomeware returned to haunt

The second major wave of Ransomware hit the world just after a month of WannaCry Ransomware. For those who don’t know, the software hijacks computerized systems and demands payment, often in Bitcoins, to unlock them.

Ukraine, France, Spain, Russia and India are the major countries which are affected by this software. So far, the ransomware appears to have targeted a number of global banks, including Russia’s Rosneft and Ukraine’s state-owned Oschadbank. See more

Facebook’s Discover and Bots!

The news about leading social media site is that the company is launching Discover, a hub inside Messenger for discovering new and interesting chat bots to message with. The platform is to discover new bots through the different categories of bots.

The company is paying more attention on chatbots and hoping that users will treat them more as utilities rather than voice assistant-style robots they can talk at. Now, the question is that Will users love it or not? Read more

That’s all from us in this week’s edition of technology and startup news. We will be back with new tech chunks next week.

Till then, stay tuned and stay digital!