We are back with the weekly tech news roundup! This time, we reached out to technology and startup consultants of Quikconsult to learn what they found the most fascinating in the past week. Here are the news articles and posts that engaged them the most:

Amazon, the dominant force in fintech!

James Lloyd, Ernest and Young’s fintech leader, predicted that Amazon is likely to become a fintech leader. According to Lloyd, he expects Amazon to expand further into payments, lending and credit scoring. Amazon recently announced that they’ve lent out $1 billion in small loans in the past year. Lloyd anticipates that they’ll double down on this space.

Lloyd is still wondering about Amazon’s delay to enter in Southeast Asia. But the biggest question for even their core ecommerce business is “What amazon will do in Asia?”

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Hike beats Whatsapp!

The news in the street is that the India focused messaging app Hike launched “Hike Pay” which shows that Hike has beaten Whatsapp in terms of payments. Brian Acton, the co-founder has publically spoken of plans to launch digital payments in India with 200 million active users.

The feature is very much like the one in WeChat. WeChat and its payment system grew up rapidly in China. To begin with, Hike is providing bill payments and mobile recharge options with Yes Bank powering those features. Read complete post

Spotify’s and Shareware

After launching Messenger earlier this year, Spotify further expanded its functionality by introducing feature to share the playlist between friends even if the friend is not on Spotify. The feature, called simply Group Playlists for Messenger, is accessed through

The person creating the playlist must be a Spotify user and anyone in the chat can add song to that list. However non Spotify users can only preview the list in Messenger; to listen, they will need Spotify account.Meanwhile, existing users who have not yet connected their Spotify accounts to Facebook will be able to do so from the Spotify extension. More on it

Facebook’s Flex Security Muscles!

Facebook has announced a new security feature to protect the profile pictures of users from being used by others. The new “Photo Guard” has features to prevent downloading and sharing of profile picture by other user.After the rollout, you won’t be able to tag anyone in other person’s profile pic.

Taking screenshots of profile pic will also be a thing of the past. And guess what, the new feature will first rollout on Android. Surprised? Wait, hold our beer.

This rollout is first happening in India but it will be introduced in other countries in future. The company partnered with Indian illustrator to make these safety features and is hoping that the new feature will make people 75% less likely to open profile picture with guard option. Read complete post

That’s it! This was all from the week bygone. We will be back again with hottest tech news of the week. So, keep calm and stay tuned.