A lots of interesting things happened in tech world last week. New technologies were launched, artificial intelligence beat humans and questions related to survival were raised on some. And we want you to know it all real quick.

Here are the top stories from the tech world narrated in a fun manner. Also, we are doing to this for a while!

The augmented Google

This is the era of smart devices, and Android is undoubtedly the biggest player in market. During the I/O Keynote, Sundar Pichai mentioned that there are more than 2 billion active Android devices on earth. But we all know that Android is big. So, here’s something brand new. Head of Project Tango? It’s augmented-reality initiative of Google which makes 3D scanning and rendering the surroundings possible in real time. We can already hear whispers about user privacy. Read the complete post here


Twitter and its video dreams

Twitter is doing everything it can to differentiate itself from other social platforms. Last week, we heard about its partnership with Bloomberg for 24/7 news streaming. This week, it hired Todd Swidler with his vast experience in video distribution and digital content to head the Live Business operations. But the question of ‘how to attract advertisers in the presence of platforms like Youtube’ still remains. Learn more

Apple aims at millennials

After the success of Swift Playgrounds, Apple has extended Swift based educational offerings to high school and college students by teaming up with half dozen community colleges across the U.S.

Swift is designed to be simple. It helps students enter the modern working world with app development knowledge. Of course, it is designated solely for Apple products and available through iBooks.  Complete post here

The rise of “AlphaGo”

When it comes to games of strategy, “Google AlphaGo” once again beat humans. But this time, world’s best Go player and Go World Champion “Ke Jie” bit the dust. AlphaGo made its name last year when it defeated one of the world’s best Go player “Lee Sedol”.

AlphaGo was created by London-based Deepmind which believes its technology has practical and everyday uses that can solve intelligence and make the world a better place.

Is this a revolutionary step of technology towards strategy gaming and artificial intelligence? Complete post here

That’s it for this week’s news. Stay tuned for some more stuff next week. Till then, stay updated stay digital!

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