We are once again back with roundup of this week’s tech news. A lot of interesting things happened last week. Apple launched new security feature for unlocking whereas SpaceX successfully launched its third Falcon 9 in just two weeks. Apple started to expand its roots in Asia and Amazon’s amazing Alexa passed 15k skills. Here are the news articles in details:

Apple’s Asia Expansion!

The good news for Apple fans in Taiwan has arrived! The popular mobile maker has opened its first store in the state and obviously fans queued for 68 hours to get their hands on the products. The fancy store will sell products, offer repairs, and also offer access to ‘Today at Apple’.

The exact numbers are not known but still Apple is consistently among the top 5 smartphone sellers in Taiwan with 15% market share. The company is also planning to expand its stores in India. Complete post


SpaceX’s third Falcon 9 in two weeks!

The news is that the SpaceX launched third Falcon 9 successfully in two weeks after the launch of first and second Falcon 9 on 23rd and 25th June. The Intelsat 35e mission involved launching an orbital communications satellite built by Boeing for SpaceX client Intelsat, which is designed to provide high-throughput network capability for broadband and video applications for a geographic area covering the Caribbean, parts of Europe and Africa.

After half an hour launch, Intelsat 35e was successfully deployed to its geostationary transfer orbit that means it’s an overall mission success for SpaceX. Detailed post here…

Alexa passed 15000 skills!

The third party analysis from Voicebot reported that Amazon’s voice platform Alexa has passed 15000 skills which were recently up from 10000 in February. According to Voicebot, the mark was reached on 30 June and new skill introduction increased by 23% in June.

The number of available skills is an important metric for tracking Amazon’s success in the voice computing space. Amazon is currently the leader in voice- powered devices ahead of Google Home, Lenovo, L.G and others. Now, the question is that “Who is near to Alexa’s 15000 skills?”See more…

Apple’s New Security Feature!

The newest rumour about Apple is that it is going to launch new 3D face scan unlocking technology. It is also being said that Apple is buying ton of 3D cameras for upcoming devices.

Apple is looking for something big for its 10th anniversary phone and the 3D sensing aspect would also help improve the technology over many existing solutions.  However, the face scanning technology is “still being tested and may not appear with the new device. Read more

That’s it for all top tech news of this week. We will be back with hottest and excited stuff of tech news for next week. So stay tuned stay digital!