Medicine is not the only way to better health. Various other techniques of healing and wellness have evolved over time in India and across the world. Healing, therapy, and counseling are some of the most notable.

Our goal of today’s post is to simplify the search of top therapists, tarot readers, and healers in Delhi and Noida region of India.

Here are our top & chosen ones in healing and therapy!

Pooja Sharma

The healer from Noida has mastered various top healing techniques over the span of 12 years including Reiki, Lama Fera/Magnified Healing, Coffee Cup Reading, Tarot Card Reading, and Crystal/Aroma Therapy. She is also the founder of Bodhisattva, a wellness center based in Noida that has client base in USA, Canada, and Australia.

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Karuna Wellness

Karuna Wellness is associated with the Delhi Pranic Healing Foundation. It offers energy diagnostics, remote healing worldwide, relationship healing, energy healing workshop, and property clearing. If you want to book a therapy session in Delhi region with Karuna Wellness, you have to make an appointment.


Sunanda Sharma

Sunanda Sharma is one of the top Tarot Leader in Delhi & Noida region and has affiliation from international institutions. She is also a known life coach and helps people in taking critical life decisions. Sunanda has also authored the book ‘Inspiration from the Spirit’. Her accomplishments make her one of the best tarot readers and life counselors in Delhi and Noida region.


Reiki Sadhna

Reiki is an ancient practice of therapeutic touch relaxes, and this institute has made a name in Delhi NCR region for providing best therapies. It was founded by Dr. Lavina who is also the proprietor of Soul Searcher Research Training & Healing Foundation. If you are searching top reiki healers in Delhi, this clinic can be a good option.


Pranic Healing Center

This center is managed by a team of best pranic healers and arhatic yoga practitioners who are committed to help patients in Delhi and Noida region with self-improvement. It follows an integrated approach to healing written by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

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The Silver Lining, Yuliapal, Light of Reiki, Wisdom Of Light, and Wellness Exclusive are some other top healing centers and therapists in Delhi and Noida.

Healing is something that can delivered online as well. If you don’t have the time to consult a healer in person, consider hiring top spiritual consultants and healers online.

Do you know any other healer or therapy clinic that is doing best work in NCR region? If yes, share the details with us at and we will consider it for inclusion in our top list.