There are residential spaces and commercial areas, but there is a ‘third space’ that has emerged and one that bridges the gap between home and work.

‘Third spaces’ as they are called can be created at home or an empty loft or even in a cafe. As work from home seems to be the norm for a while to come, more and more people are preferring to sit in clean airy spaces, log into work in solitude and a serene environment. It is also an ideal space to meet a colleague or conduct business meetings.

business meetings

The concept of third spaces is to offer a place where people can log on, practice social distancing, complete work and leave. In essence the following features would be a basic requirement.

Spacious area – very minimalistic interiors with just workstations and chairs would be the norm. The design and structure of the place should allow for easy access and good ventilation so the place can be regularly aired out.

Efficient sanitization – needless to assert, quick and efficient cleaning is a must. Table tops and chair surfaces should be tolerant of strong cleaning products. All exposed surfaces should be dust and fingerprint or stain repellent.

Coffee / tea station – a coffee shop offering basic refreshments could be a pleasant addition.

From a design point of view –

Modernistic and minimalist, laminates are the ideal product for the job.

Laminates can be used to create light and simple work stations. Solid colour laminates in simple whites or classic greys complete the look. Plus you can see how clean they are.

Most laminates are manufactured to be resistant to chemical cleaners and are scratch resistant, so there is no fear of dirt in hidden crevices.

Antifingerprint, stain resistant, these laminates can handle the pressure of our current times.

Metallic, mirror or reflective laminates can be applied in coffee stations or over cafe counters for a safer approach. They can also be used as panels or wall cladding to keep busy areas clean.