I remember installing this application called ‘HealthifyMe’ in my smartphone about an year ago, and I can’t describe the impact it had on my lifestyle and daily routine. From getting up at 5 in the morning and run, to eating healthy and giving up on all the junk, the single app made me a lot more healthy, and that too in a seamless way.

Could we even imagine something of this sought a decade back? Such is the power of smartphones! Internet & World Wide Web, I believe have been the greatest inventions of all time. Yes, even greater than the ancient discoveries of fire and wheel, and the modern advents of science and technology. Internet has been greater than them all! And smartphones have amazingly complemented the internet.

A very important question is how, and how much have smartphones impacted our lives? An even more important question is how to get an answer to the question? The answers are (in reverse order) “by abandoning your cells for a day”, “a lot” and “in multiple ways”.

I would like to accentuate the change that smartphone has brought to my life, by visualising a day without them! “by abandoning your cells for a day” -that’s exactly what I did, and here’s what happened to me! A day without my smartphone, essentially meant no Whatsapp, no Facebook, no digital payments, no selfies and a lot more no’s, but in a broader sense, it meant, a huge void in the daily routine, and a feeling of helplessness and lacking.

I could not click a snapshot of a very important document to retain it, could not book a cab, then I could not find my path through GPS, could not Google every other thing I came across! I knew I could somehow manage a day, but I’ll have to get back to my smartphone soon enough.

In a nutshell, I realized that my smartphones has become almost an essential part of my life, almost like a part of me. The ‘good old people’ often say the other way, and are never tired of counting the ‘atrocities’ that smartphones inflict upon the youngsters. But then, there is some negativity attached to each and every invention and advancements. Smartphones are not essentials, they say. You can always work without them, they say. It’s like saying why did you ever use telephone, for letters still worked!

The advantages and utilities of smartphones will outshine and outnumber the few disadvantages, any time!