There is a rather long ‘Rishikesh ashram list’ because of the historical & cultural significance of the place. The world yoga capital is also a major tourist destination for youngsters interested in exploring temples, ghats, yoga, and meditation ashrams. Rishikesh is home to so many yoga ashrams specializing in various styles of yoga and meditation that choosing the best from them is quite tough. That’s why we took time to create this Rishikesh ashram list for you!

Here is the list of top 10 Rishikesh ashrams where you can learn yoga and experience meditation:

Ekattva Yogshala

Ekattva Yogshala is one of the top yoga ashrams in Rishikesh. The yoga school offers certified 200 hrs yoga teacher training course and weekly yoga retreats. The yoga ashram is also known for its women-only yoga and meditation retreats. While the 200 hours YTT is focused on Hatha yoga and Vinyasa flow, the sessions are conducted by university trained teachers. The yoga school also plans outdoor activities for students along with many other activities. Learn more.

Phool Chatti Ashram

Phool Chatti Ashram is located in the north of India in Rishikesh. The ashram lies right beside the river Ganga. Teachers of the yoga school are thoroughly trained at registered yoga schools and have university education in yogic science. That’s why it made our Rishikesh ashram list. For more information, please check out the website,

Osho Ganga Dham 

Osho Ganga Dham is situated on the river Ganga, around 10 minutes drive from Laxman Jhula. Various forms of meditation and camps are offered throughout the year. The yoga school has a good local reputation. For more info check out the website,

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Sivananda Ashram

Sivananda Ashram was founded by Swami Sivananda. Yoga and meditation classes are offered daily. The yoga academy is known for teaching yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques. The ashram is located near Ram Jhula.

Ashram website:

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Swami Dyananda Ashram

This ashram was founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati. Residential courses are conducted regularly. Vedic chanting is also taught during the courses. The ashram part of our Rishikesh ashram list also conducts regular yoga camps for yoga lovers. Check out website for more information,

Sadhana Mandir Ashram

Sadhana Mandir was founded by Swami Rama. It is located on the bank of river Ganga and surrounded by beautiful flowering gardens. They offer various retreats and weekend retreat to people who want to relax while learning and practicing yoga.

Ashram website:

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Parmarth Niketan

Parmarth Niketan is one of the best yoga ashram in Rishikesh, India. The ashram runs extensive yoga programs, teacher training courses and meditation classes. To read more about this yoga school in our Rishikesh ashram list, check out the website

Yoga Niketan, Anand Prakash Ashram and Himalayan Yog Ashram are other leading yoga ashrams that deserve to be in our Rishikesh ashram list. Want to learn more about internationally recognized yoga certification and how it can help you start a glorious career? Read this blog.