Internet has made reputation management a challenge for small businesses as well as big brands. No wonder terms like ‘reputation management for business’ and ‘online reputation management tips’ have huge daily search.

Companies spend millions of dollars to maintain their online reputation because businesses risk losing 22% of the business if potential customers find one negative article on the first page of their search results.

Entrepreneurs see the value in online reputation management for businesses. In fact, 54% businesses say reputation management is very necessary to business success. That’s why we spoke with Upreports Infotech, top online reputation management agency of India and aggregated these amazing online business reputation management for businesses.

Here are the best business ORM tips and ideas for you!

Focus on content creation

Reputation management is majorly about creating a positive image for your business. Blogs, videos, social updates, tweets, and everything else contribute to your public image and reputation. Businesses get into trouble when they haven’t invested in content and negativity comes across no challenge to reach first page of search results. So, invest in content.

Manage your business listings

Online business listings are crucial for business reputation because listings give wider visibility to your business. On many occasions, business listings are created by customers and negative elements to post negative reviews. Hence, it is important to claim your business listing on all the major business listing platforms. With control of listing in your hand, you are in a better position to manage negative reviews. In short, this is really important for online reputation services.

reputation management for businesses

Optimize social media channels

Being present on major social media platforms is a powerful and effective marketing tactic. There are two benefits of the social media marketing; one is exposure and another is traffic. But social media profiles also have the potential to come up in search engine results. That’s why you need to optimize them correctly for business name. Want to read more stats on ORM? Here it is!

Buy similar domains

Domain names have their own authority and quick start appearing in search results for specific terms. So, if your business name is XYZ and you only have, then, this can be a big threat. Buy domain names like, and other popular extensions to check domain driven reputation attack. Also consider buying to stay safe. One of the best online reputation tips for businesses!

reputation management for businesses

Get positive online reviews

Positive reviews are important to building trust amongst customers. Established businesses and brands have a dedicated ORM strategy in place to gather positive reviews so that few negative review don’t harm. Half of the businesses surveyed (50%) monitor their brand reputation on third-party and online review sites to make sure that they are getting attacked by trolls and rivals.

Spreading positive business reviews

85% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This makes reviews very valuable in online reputation management for businesses. While gathering positive reviews should always be on top of your mind, top businesses also work on spreading the positive reviews through different channels. Creating Youtube videos of reviews and hosting reviews on website are two of the most popular practices.

Channelize local business profiles

This ORM tip is for small businesses. Customers use Google to find local businesses and Google Map results have huge authority in local searches. That’s why you must list and optimize your business for local searches. Business profile should be completely filled on Google My Business and Bing Places to make sure that they appear in top search result page. Other local business search platforms can also be channelized since they have become relevant for local searches.

reputation management for businesses

Address negativity immediately

It is hard for even the best businesses to make everyone happy. Even if you try your best, negative reviews will come your way. That’s why you must be prepared to address the negativity immediately in the best possible manner. For instance, if the negative review has been posted in the form of a blog, use the comments section to share your point of view. Unaddressed negative reviews do more harm that addressed ones.

Get published in media

Getting published in top media sites is a great way to recover from reputation attacks from blogs and news sutes. Media sites have huge authority and if your business has been suffering damage from an article, getting published for something positive can greatly help. This is one of the reasons why big businesses invest in public relations. Use this online reputation management services for businesses to recover from threats!

Speak with caution

Being a business, it is important to associate your brand with only the right stuff. Conduct a session with the team managing your social profiles, marketing resources, and business assets to stay away from controversial topics. This will greatly minimize the risk on unwarranted online reputation damage to the business.

Here are 5 more online reputation management tips and ideas shared by Upreports:

  • Start blogging by associating business name with words like Reviews, Feedback and Testimonials in mind.
  • Remain calm whenever a online reputation attack happens. Haste can worsen the situation. Think over your reply before posting it.
  • Track your online reputation using tools like Google Alerts.
  • Associate yourself with NGOs to create a positive brand image
  • Check this online reputation management strategy as well to improve your ORM game

Reputation management for businesses is more important than ever. While reputation threats can come from clients or customers, fake media sites, business rivals, and online trolls also pose a threat to your business reputation.

In such a scenario, if your business doesn’t invest in developing online presence and reputation pro actively, you are more than likely pay considerable costs later in terms of lost revenues and repairing abrupt damage

If you are facing an online reputation management dilemma, we recommend discussing your case with Upreports Infotech. Connect with the brand at and mention Top10 Consultants to get a free consultation session from them!