It is everyone’s dream to have a great and fantastic relationship, but it takes a lot of sacrifices, determination, commitment for it to be actualized. Any relationship that will be successful must be ready to climb great mountains. In this blog post, I’m sharing top 12 tips with young couples to have long lasting and happy relationships.

Below are some of the things to do to have a great relationship and personal life:

Incessant communication

Try to give each other gist about what you have encountered during the day. Women love this more and it makes the day less boring especially when you are back home or when you are having your chat after a busy day. Communication is a great tool for having a great and successful relationship.

Listen to each other and give room for explanation before you react to any errors. Never conclude without listening to his/her side of the story. He might be wrong and he might be right, you wouldn’t know if you will not allow your partner to talk. Hasty decision might ruin what you have build for a long period.

Avoid gossip

When your relationship at its best, so many things can destroy it. So, many people are watching and so many people don’t like seeing you together and will want to try funny things. Never give room to entertain gossip, though some might be true but don’t accept and do not react to it unless you see it.

Having trust

Trust is the biggest force behind any relationship. Without it, you cannot have a successful relationship. Eventually your relation will collapse if there is lack of trust in it. Even your friends expect that you should trust them, let alone the person you love.

Never doubt your partner for a second for the pains that follows this may not be healed. Don’t also make your partner doubt you for anything. If you are doubted once, it will be difficult to restore the trust.

Prepare for difficult times

Don’t expect that your relationship will always be rosy. There will be trying times which you must prepare to face together with your partner. It might even come when you least expect. It might be a financial difficulty, family problem or any other you don’t expect. When it comes, just remain focused and stick together. Hard times show the real person you are to your spouse.

Say sorry and forgive

At one time or the other, you will make a mistake. When that happens, be ready to beg for forgiveness. This shouldn’t be the case of ‘I’m a man so I shouldn’t ask for forgiveness’. Do whatever it takes to save your relationship. Let the woman also feel how it is to be superior once in a while. Learn to always say “i am sorry” as fast as possible to avoid any ugly occurrence.

Have it at the back of your mind that as humans, we are bound to make mistakes. Remember, forgiveness is divine.

Shun jealousy

If you get jealous easily, you have to reduce the degree of it. This is because during a relationship, your partner might get to know new people which he/she might not introduce to you unintentionally. At times, you will get to discover some people exist in your partner’s life which might be even important to sustaining your relationship.

Jealousy can ruin faster than anything. Be ready to ask questions when necessary to avoid the errors that might occur due to Jealousy.

Be there for her

This is very essential. Woman especially don’t want excuses when they need you. No matter how busy you might be, it is a must you give them their share of time when they require. No woman will understand that you are working round the clock to make money in order to sustain the relationship. Women too shouldn’t trade the time they should devote to their partner for different things.

Your career shouldn’t stop you from devoting time to your partner. If you don’t want to lose your place in his heart, remember, this relationship advice.

Be proud of your partner 

You must be proud of your partner and their passions in life. If you are not proud of your life partner, there is no point in being together since the relationship will fall apart eventually.

Make each other happy

The goal of everything in life is happiness. Try as best as you can to make your partner happy. Your partner will always look up to you for happiness since being in relationship means reaching out to happiness.

Support your partner

Two heads they say are better than one. Don’t deny your partner of their decision, and if you must, make sure it is done without sense of superiority but through thorough conversation. Don’t let the situation be one good head is better than two ordinary heads.

Work hard

Work hard to get the resources to sustain the relationship. Acknowledge that love alone won’t suffice and every relationship has needs. Work hard to sustain each other and help each other in achieving your respective goals.

Appreciate each other

Appreciate those who love you. There are many ways you can appreciate your loved ones. Don’t let your appreciation be seasonal because his/her love for you isn’t seasonal.

I willingly made this last because of its importance.

I have not come across the relationship that doesn’t require the support of money to sustain in the long run.

To me, money is means to good things and comfort in life. You can be loved without money but try your best to make money so as to sustain the relationship.

If you abide by the steps I have discussed above, you are assured of a successful and long-lasting relationship. Best of luck!


About author

Bamise Peters is a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University with B.A(hons.) degree in philosophy. He loves meeting new people and blogs about life and relationships at BamisePeters. Find him on Twitter, @bamisepeters for relationship advice and help.