PHP is loved globally for scalability, security, and affordability but the disparity between hourly rates charged by PHP developers often makes business owners and entrepreneurs scratch their head in confusion.

To drive away the confusion, Techosquare is here to share the average hourly rate charged by PHP developers in popular IT hubs like the USA, UK, and India. We will also shed light on some factors that come together to determine the PHP developer hourly rate in mentioned countries.

Let’s talk about the hourly rate charged by PHP developers in the USA first!

Hourly rate of PHP developers in USA

The United States of America hands down is home to the most expensive PHP developers in the world. While total number of PHP programmers worldwide is 5 million, the US hosts around 637,000 PHP programmers that help local as well as global businesses with PHP based development.

PHP developer in UK

With the average salary of 103,000 USD per year, a PHP developer charges near about 60-80 USD per hour on average. Therefore, if you are thinking to hire a web programmer in New York, California or any other state of America, then, this is the average hourly rate you can expect to be quoted!

Now that we have told you about the hourly rate of a PHP developer in the United States, it’s time to disclose what PHP developers in the United Kingdom charge by the hour.

PHP developer in UK – Hourly rate 

Let’s talk about the country where the very first website was developed; the first web server was created; and WWW was invented. Yes, it’s none other than the United Kingdom!

If you are planning to hire a PHP developer for building up a business website in the UK, you must know that the median hourly wage of a good PHP programmer varies between 18-25 pounds. Remember that the hourly rate amongst PHP developers may vary according to their experience.

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Our blog will be half-done without talking about the hourly rate taken by PHP programmers in India, which is also the biggest market for hiring programmers.

Let’s put the spotlight on the PHP developer pricing in Indian subcontinent!

Hourly rate of PHP developers in India

India is home to the biggest reservoir of website programmers and hence its base of PHP developers is also pretty big. An India based PHP developer charges 15 to 25 USD per hour to work on web development assignments. However, getting your website built by a highly-experienced PHP programmer (10+ years of experience) may cost you more!

php developer cost in India

The affordability of Indian PHP developers is mainly due to:

  1. Weaker local currency in comparison to USD
  2. Wider PHP and programming talent pool.
  3. Lower cost of living in India
  4. Competitive local market

That said, it is highly recommended to hire a professional team of PHP developers in India to channel the true potential of PHP.

Above are the hourly price quoted by PHP developers in the biggest IT hubs in the world. Are you familiar with PHP development price charged in countries not covered in this blog? Mention the same in the comments section!

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