News is getting localised in India with independent news portals coming up to give better coverage to local news, issues, and updates. Pathankot Today is the result of a similar effort. The local news portal was launched in June 2020 to bring families, businesses, and youth of Pathankot the news that matters for them.

In today’s dynamic world, where consumers have an unprecedented array of choices, Pathankot Today aspires to stand out as a digital news agency that is the choice of locales for latest news updates and issues.

Touching lives, locally 

Pathankot Today aims to provide information about everything that touches the life of people in Pathankot.This digital platform is run by people of Pathankot who know every aspect of the zila and want to give people an authentic source of local information.

The digital news agency aims to focus on its website, Facebook, and Instagram to bring the most happening stories for the local residents.

Behind Pathankot Today 

Founded in 2020, Pathankot Today was launched by a team of researchers and IT professionals from Pathankot and living in the city for more than 3 decades now. Varun sharma, resident of Pathankot and founder of a marketing agency, came up with the idea of launching this website after coming across fake news during the lockdown period. 

Pathankot Today is run by a team of 4 researchers, writers, and social media experts from an office based near Hote Unite, Pathankot. 

Mission and support

Pathankot Today is driven by the mission to provide authentic and verified information on every aspect related to Pathankot. Whether it is local news, businesses, or travel, our goal is to bring the best of everything for residents of Pathankot district.

Pathankot Today is working hard to share the latest news and updates about the city of Pathankot. If you live in Pathankot and want to put a spotlight on an issue, send an email