Balancing career and parenting in growing India can be hard for working parents. Nuclear families and parents can always use some parenting help. But the question is, ‘where do you find best parenting advice and help?’ To answer the query, we spoke with top consultants of India and came up with best resources to seek advice on parenting, motherhood, child care, and studies.

So, here are the best parenting consultation tips and ideas for ones searching parenting help in India:

parenting help india

Get online parenting help from top experts

If you are facing serious problems with childcare and you cannot figure out the exact reason, then, you should definitely consult a child psychologist or parenting expert. But searching one offline can be a tiring experience. It can also be a costly one. Won’t it be better if a parenting expert is instantly available online for your help? This would be the fastest way to answer your parenting queries.

In India, various websites have come up which offer online counselling for parents through certified child psychologists and parenting experts at very affordable price. Quikconsult is one of them. Consulting through such platforms will save your time and give instant results.

Read parenting blogs and resources

Many websites and blogs provide positive parenting advice, child care tips, and study guidance. Going through such blogs and websites will give you great insights on parenting and may even resolve your queries. However, there are thousands of parenting blogs online and not all of them are delivering great content. This makes it difficult to figure out which parenting solution is best for you. However, if you are looking for quick answers to your parenting queries, then, this is not the best option.

Reach out to friends and family

Another great way to solve your parenting and child case queries is consulting your friends and family. Your mother can be a great source of parenting wisdom on toddlers and young children. Friends who just started their family can also share great tips and advice on parenting. For complex parenting issues, you can reach out to parenting experts, online or offline.

Social networks for new parents have also come up in the market. Parentlane is the most popular one. Quora is another great source to discover channels to seek parenting advice online.

Do you know any other ways to get parenting advice online? Share them in the comments section to help young parents and mothers!