It is generally accepted that real estate investment requires a notable amount of capital. But the lack of such an amount may not always mean one cannot invest in the sector. With the new and latest trends making waves in the whole industry, there are many different ways to invest in real estate apart from purchasing an unmovable and physical property. It is wise to take the aid of the best real estate agents in Wanneroo to get ideas about intelligent investment.

Real Estate Funds

ETFs and mutual funds are also available for investing in real estate funds. Investors who want access to this market but want greater variety should explore this option. In a REIT, most or all funds are made in real estate.

ETFs and mutual funds follow the same basic structure as REITs. Essentially, you buy shares in these portfolios and receive a return according to how much possession you have. However, an ETF or mutual fund offers a broader range of assets in the underlying portfolio.

Flipping houses

The process of flipping houses involves purchasing a property, repairing and renovating it (if necessary), and reselling it for profit. Most aspects of flipping houses are similar to wholesaling. Still, the critical difference is that investors do not have to repair them in wholesaling. The seller can sell it right away for a profit based on the current market trends and demand.

To get more profits, investors typically buy assets that are cheaper than what the market is offering or from sellers in dire need of cash. Upon acquiring the property, the investors begin marketing the property to find possible buyers. Doing so makes them earn revenue as a percentage of the property’s total price.

It needs an in-depth understanding of real estate asset types, values, and markets. Flipping properties isn’t a problem for a skilled investor who is always looking for suitable properties.

Hard money loans

A person generally extends a hard loan to a real estate investor, also known as a Bridge loan. Hard money loans refer to short-term lending to finance an asset project. The loan is offered based on the value of the property secured. In most cases, lenders provide credit up to 65-75 percent of the property value and earn interest, typically higher than traditional loans.


These are some of the smart investment ways in real estate you can have. Take the help of the best real estate agents in Wanneroo and get ready to invest smartly without any worries.