When it comes to Indian wedding clothes and Indian wedding outfits for the grooms, there are so many that you can choose from as there are many options ranging from sherwani to kurta pajamas. However, choosing an outfit for weddings and other times has never been easy. Still, with Indian stores in Canning Vale, it is just like a piece of cake.

Best Indian Clothing and Accessories for Men

Printed Pagdi

A safa or printed pagdi gives a modern twist to the classic handgear. You can pick odd prints and offbeat colours for your Pagdi to add a new plea to your Indian outfit. On occasions like weddings, you can add amends like broaches or a cord of pearls to the Pagdi for a royal and luxurious appeal. Your designers can assist you with the fabric and print selection so that your Safa suits your outfit in the most pleasing way. 

Beige Embroidered Kurta Pajama

Dark brown woven thread embroidery adds a traditional touch to this understated light brown kurta pajama that is great for weddings. Undoubtedly, this design will look good on the groom’s father or the bride’s father, especially if he is older. The embroidery in this outfit pairs well with dark brown leather shoes.

Embellished Off-White Sherwani

Over the light blue kurta is an embellished off-white sherwani jacket for this Indian groom outfit, making it even more glam. There is a likeness between the jacket’s design structure and Mughal-style clothing. Safas embellished with light blue stoles add to the elegance of the look.


The only thing you can wear during any season is a stole. It is made of silk, cotton, pashmina, or chiffon. It can be easily paired with any ethnic outfit of your selection. There are various sizes and colours of stoles available in the market. So get ready to give yourself a fantastic look by wearing a stole, whether it may be winter or summer.

Final words

These are some of the latest fashion styles you can easily find at Indian stores in Canning Vale. Riwaaz Fashionz offers the best clothes you will find anywhere, even at the best prices.