While it is possible for homeowners to study certain pieces of information online, there’s absolutely no program or site available online to those outside of the real estate profession that can provide you with accurate price of your house or the value your property  

To set the proper asking price it takes particular area knowledge, market savvy, and even a touch of psychology says Adrian Goslett

“While there might be other houses situated in the exact same area offering similar characteristics, there are other elements that are involved that could place your home at a different value on the market.”

He states this is the place where the services of an experienced real estate professional can be extremely important to the vendor.


Here we provide a few elements that real estate agents could look at when deciding the best, most aggressive asking price for your house:

  1. Past sales

Frequently looking at the last is a gateway to looking at the future. Looking at the sales prices of houses in the region during the previous six weeks will provide the agent some insight into what buyers are prepared to pay price for your house in that area.

Careful consideration will be created with reference to how long each land sat on the current market, as well as how the first asking price differed from the eventual selling price.

A comparative market analysis (CMA) is the accepted method to accurately determine a home’s value.

Once this foundation has been attained, it is far easier to provide an accurate appraisal of the house, taking into consideration any other factors that may have an effect on the property’s precise value.

These factors would include the state of the property and its size, safety features, finishes and fittings, and any other characteristics that could set the home apart from other people in the regions.

  1. The market tendencies

When there are broader elements that will impact the property market around the country, such as interest rate hikes and access to finance, many micro-markets will have unique elements that influence the selling of homes in that particular area.

These aspects could include new companies moving to the region or strategies for enhancing neighborhood amenities such as parks or shopping malls. The broker will look at what is impacting the market in the neighbourhood and consider the effect this will have on the perceived price of the home.

Both domestic influences and local aspects will have an impact on the house’s potential perceived value among buyers.

  1. The neighbors

The perceived value or price of your house has a great deal to do with the region where it is located and the houses surrounding the property.

While home in precisely the exact same neighbourhood – roughly the exact same size and age – might have recently sold for a high price, in the event the seller’s house is surrounded by rundown houses or noisy neighbours, they might not have the exact same fortune.

Regrettably it’s largely from the vendor’s hands, however, the neighbouring properties may have an influence on how the house is appreciated by buyers.

On the flip side, while poor neighbors can bring down the home’s value, if the grass is in fact greener on the other side of the fence, then it can have a positive effect on the value of the home.

  1. The Goldilocks price

Finding the asking price that’s’just right’ at the start is crucial to selling it within the fastest time frame and to find the best price.

Overpricing can chase away buyers from the beginning while upgrading the property too low will leave money out on the table.

A property that’s inflated by approximately 10% above it is market associated value is much less likely to sell within 30 days of it being on the market, compared to one that is priced within 5% of its market value.

An inflated asking price can actually have the reverse effect on what the seller planned, particularly if the overpricing leads to the house sitting in the marketplace for longer than it needs to and getting stale.

A house for sale gets stale when prospective buyers start to wonder why it hasn’t sold yet.


Professional Wanneroo working with a trusted, seasoned realtor and making certain the asking price is right from the beginning will ultimately make all the difference in attaining the seller’s goal.

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