Challenges like ozone depletion and greenhouse gas emission are also posing big problems to environment. Hence, we must choose eco friendly lights to do our share for the environment. SeniorLED – top LED lights manufacturer of china – is showing major concern over the role of CFL bulbs in greenhouse gas emissions, and hence is expanding its range of eco friendly lights and LED lighting products.

In a recent interview, the team of top LED engineers stated that “we should switch to eco friendly energy alternates such as LED tubes and bulbs before it’s too late”.

Here are some environment benefits of LED lights:

Impact of LED lights on Environment

Various studies have proven the damaging effects of incandescent lights and CFLs on the environment and confirmed that LEDs are way better lighting solution. Here are few points that confirm eco friendly lights are better than traditional bulbs when it comes to energy consumption and environment friendliness:

  • Eco LED lights are more energy efficient as compared to traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights since it transforms more than 80% of energy into light. This would lead to power savings and also curb global warming leading to direct benefit to environment.

eco friendly lights

  • Unlike traditional CFL bulbs, eco friendly LED bulbs don’t contain UV radiation and hazardous chemicals which have been linked to cancer in some studies. So, eco friendly lights are not only good environment but also your personal health.
  • LED lights don’t contain toxic chemical agents like mercury which pollutes the land if disposed as landfill waste. This checks soil contamination and protects the environment from the harmful effects of chemicals.
  • Eco friendly lighting products last 6 times longer than traditional CFL lights, which checks production and carbon emission at a broader level. This is the major reason LED lights are hailed as environment-friendly lamps.

Due to such efficiency and environment related benefits, eco friendly lights are being favored by businesses, organizations, manufacturing units, and commercial establishments across the world. Check out top energy efficient & eco-friendly LED lights for your lighting requirements.

SeniorLED – the top LED manufacturers of China – recently launched dimming LED panel lights to further the case of power savings in commercial spaces.

SeniorLED is also a registered brand in US and Canada and believes in the global responsibility towards the growing environmental problems.

Check out the Slideshare for more information about dimmable panel lights which also fall under the eco friendly lights.

Being the leading LED manufacturers and suppliers of china, SeniorLED believes in the production of long-lasting and environment-friendly products. That’s why it is widely recognized by top media sites and loved for healthy lighting solutions

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