January 30, 2019

Burlington, Canada

Dr. Parag Vora, who presently works as radiologist at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada recently shared his plans on continuing the charity work he started in 2016 for welfare of blind women. He visited a vocational training school of Vile Parle West, Mumbai  couple of years ago with his family and spent time with handicapped students. Resident of Burlington, Parag is long known for his association with NGOs in India as well as Canada.

The 49-year old medicine man has made major contributions in the medical field in last 20 years while being part of McMaster University’s radiology team (Hamilton). In a short telephonic interview, Dr. Parag Vora said, “I like helping people who are differently abled. Women are the change makers of the modern society and by helping an institution that works for the betterment of blind underprivileged women, I want to give back to the society. It is least I can do for them”.

Dr Parag Vora (Hamilton, Canada) helped K.D Vora Home For Blind Women, which is a vocational training school for blind women, handicapped and home management by gifting free food and utilities like sewing machines and knitting kits to the school’s management. He visited the school with his family and also engaged with the students to teach them the nuances of English language.

dr parag vora canada

Dr Parag Vora (Hamilton) – Journey

Dr. Parag  Vora moved to Burlington in 2001 and furthered his career in Radiology. Amongst hundreds of seminars and lectures given by him, his presence in Oncological Imaging Conference (October 2009) at White Oak Conference Resort, Niagara is of critical medical history.

After associating with an India based NGO, Dr. Parag Vora plans on expanding his charity work and contributions to groups and communities active in his hometown, Burlington, Canada where he lives with his wife and 2 beautiful daughters. During his visit to K.D Vora Home For Blind Women, he pledged to dedicate time and resources for the betterment of society. When we asked about his family and office life, he says, ”I would like to thank my colleagues at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada for their support and my family for being the strength they are in my life.” Dr. Parag Vora is currently working as a radiologist and a local travel expert. Learn more about Dr Parag Vora (Radiologist)

It is certainly a blessing when people like Dr Parag come forward and engage in humanitarian acts. After efforts of his family, more training and vocational schools will gain access to learning resources and much needed funds.

He also runs a blog titled Dr Parag Vora -Burlington Travel Diaries where he shares his personal experiences as a local travel expert. When we asked Dr. Parag about his new interests, he said, “My new year resolution is to understand Internet and blogging. I want to get into blogging and build my personal brand as Dr Parag Vora, Radiologist at McMaster University, Canada. So, I am working in that direction. I have worked more than 10 years in the medical field, it’s time I should learn something new!”

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