India is a land of great talent. The country is known for its talented doctors and IT talent but it has experienced professionals in every field. Today, we bring for you startups that are working really hard to connect top level experts in real estate, law, technology, health, fitness, fashion, business, tax, and other industries.

So, let’s discover the best places to find and hire top-level consultants and experts in India:


The consultant discovery and hiring platform is first on our list because it brings industry experts from a vast range of industries and facilitates consultation through chat and email. The Indian startup is new but we see great potential in it in coming months.

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This Indian consultation startup focuses on connecting legal professionals with people who need legal advice and guidance. The platform offer the service of consulting a lawyer on phone. However, you can also ask a free question.

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This advice startup from India is trying to carve a niche by focusing on health and wellness. It hosts experts that offer advice on relationships, academics, sexual wellness, and marriage. Consultation can happen through video or voice call.

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This online consultation website built a solid base of experts that offer advice on vast range of categories. The website lays emphasis on discretion and affordability on its homepage. Check out the website to learn more.

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There are many other portals that are trying to capture the consultation space. Some of them are,,, and Obviously covering all of them is not easy. However, if you think someone deserves a special mention, get in touch with us at

Want to connect with Indian consultants on your own? Here are the best ways to find and hire consultant anywhere in the world!