Every business whether small or large, requires a website these days to showcase their services and products to the internet audience. The same goes for photographers, writers, brands and other artists. There are many website builders for small businesses and creatives which can make web development very easy and cheap. In fact, with little practice you don’t have to hire any web developer for your website for your local business.

Most of these website building tools runs on CMS (content management system) which gives easy to use interface and drag & drop facilities to create a website. With no coding required, anyone can create a website with the help CMS web builders/makers.

So, here are the top CMS website builders suitable for any kind of small business, photographers, bands, painters, artists, and other creatives:

  • WordPress: WordPress is perhaps the most popular search engine friendly CMS. It makes it very easy to create and manage a WordPress website, without having any knowledge of HTML. In fact, 27% of the websites on the internet are made on WordPress. No wonder is one of the best small business and creative website builder in the world.
  • Magento: If you want to start an ecommerce store to sell products or art, then, Magento is the perfect CMS platform. It makes it very easy to maintain an e-commerce store and scale it slowly. In case you plan to create multiple e-commerce stores from one backend CMS, this powerful website builder can make it possible. Magento is an open source CMS written in PHP and perfect choice for the ecommerce business owners, artists, photographers, and creative planning to sell their products and art online.
  • Joomla: Joomla is probably the most powerful content management system in the web development world. With the help of Joomla web development, a large number of social web apps are created and maintained. In short, it is most favorable for making e-commerce stores and niche social media websites.

Above are the top CMS website building tools which can make website development an easy job.

These CMS website builders are cost efficient mediums for many local businesses and entrepreneurs who want to start something online but have no technical background.

However, make sure that you don’t build a website that looks good but cannot sell anything. Check out this blog from top CMS web developers to build a super small business website.