China is one of the biggest LED product markets in the world and caters to global demand of LED lamps, solar panels, and LED tubes. However, buyers still have to research for finding the best LED manufacturers and suppliers of china of 2017

best led manufacturers

We have simplified the task by creating this list of best LED manufacturers and suppliers in China. Here it is!


SeniorLED specializes in highly efficient lighting products and is known to deliver LED products at competitive price in China. Some of the products in its catalog include grow lights, LED tubes, LED panel lights, triproof LED lights, LED high BAY UFO, and  solar street lights. This LED supplier is also a registered brand in the USA and Canada. Check out website of best LED suppliers in China

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Easter Lighting

Easter lighting a China-based manufacturer and supplier of energy efficient luminaries for residential industries and commercial applications. It provides quality LED products like LED bulbs, ceiling fixtures, and outdoor lights. The team of LED manufacturers is located in Shangyu, Zhejiang, China.



Kingsun is the first high power LED lighting company to be listed in China stock exchange. It is one of the leading companies in LED lighting and R&D technology. The team of top LED lighting suppliers delivers high-quality products like LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED flood lights, LED displays, and commercial lighting solutions.


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This China-based best LED manufacturers provide energy efficient LED lighting for residential, commercial, and hospitality units. Its product catalog includes CUBIE LED down lights, HALO LED down light, Grow LED lights, eclipse led patent lights, and LED mini patent lights. The company is quickly making its name in the lighting industry for premium LED products.



This LED manufacturing firm was founded in 1987 and is a popular LED bulb supplier of Shanghai. While it deals in LED products, its strength lies in research and development. The China based team of best LED manufacturers also gives importance to eco-friendly processes while creating LED products.


Lucklight, Mrled., LEDz, WS LED Light, and LowcLED are some other best LED manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers in China.

These China LED manufacturers and suppliers have best LED lighting solutions if you are looking for LED lights for your home, business, factory, or commercial establishment.

Do you know any top lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China that deserves to be in this list? Share the name with us at and we will consider it for inclusion in our best list of LED suppliers.

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