Plenty of individuals ask why they should put money into a cost estimation software system; exactly what are the benefits of cost estimation software over traditional procedures of estimating?

We believe that there are a lot of good reasons why businesses should use cost estimation software. The most crucial one for us is a simple fact that no other tool is particularly designed to help you estimate rather than the cost estimation software.

Sure, spreadsheets can work, however, they were never designed to create accurate and competitive quotations as well as deal with all the tasks that go along with that. That is why spreadsheets so frequently fall short and end up costing companies money in terms of lost jobs or error-riddled quotes that simply aren’t aggressive.

We’re not the only ones who think cost estimation software is better for companies though. We recently found some study from a company who surveyed over 100 building professionals representing a variety of transactions and business sizes concerning their estimates as well as the resources they use. 

The findings were quite interesting. Even though a large number of those surveyed still employed spreadsheets because of their own estimating, those that used estimating applications said that they produce quicker and more accurate forecasts. The poll also found that consumers of estimating applications “overestimate less than 35 percent of their time and underestimate only 5 percent of the time”

Respondents were also asked what they thought were the top advantages of the cost estimation software programs. The benefits of using cost estimating software are mainly described in the six main categories. 

  1. Speed
  2. Accuracy
  3. Consistency
  4. E-Procurement
  5. Project Management
  6. Professionalism

Have a look at the detailed benefits of the cost estimation software program.

cost estimation software

Quick Material and Equipment Price Comparison

Cost estimation software designed by trusted programmers makes it possible to arrange takeoff quantities of the materials and equipment you will need to get a proposed project. Some tools permit you to import prices from your own personal suppliers and compare them with the costs curated by the estimation program.

To calculate the entire project cost for your next bid, you should have instant access to material expenses. Estimation software gives you quick access to prices than any manual procedure that needs calling suppliers or visiting many websites to find price estimates.

Conceptual estimates

Already in the very first stages of a job, you will require a rough estimate of the related costs in order to earn a well-informed go/no go choice. With the use of parametric cost models, cost estimation software is capable of creating relatively accurate results depending on the nature of the project and its main items. That way you’ll know the feasibility of a project when possible.

Faster Bids!

After all, the earlier you reach a precise quote, the more quickly you can place a bid on the following project. Software like On-Screen Takeoff gives you everything you want to make just and efficient estimations while integrating effortlessly into your routine operations to offer you rapid access to calls and takeoff resources.

No doubt, cost estimation software is an incredibly efficient way to deal with the process of landing your next job. With a much better workflow, then you can more easily arrange your homework job and keep track of all of the necessary project information. Estimating software requires a great amount of stress from the bidding and takeoff process.

Accurate Recalculations

Ordinarily, once you have gathered the amounts and prices required for a building bid, you will start adding them up manually to create an exact bid.

The cost estimation software program has the capability to recalculate estimates immediately after you change any quantity or cost. It does this automatically, and the prospect of earning mistakes is very minimal. This is a significant cost saving advantage because building jobs have been stalled or delayed previously because the company couldn’t spot mistakes in their job cost estimates.

Resource-based estimating

cost estimation software delivers full support for zero-based costing. Through this technique, you’re not considering the average number of hours that you use for a specific activity. Instead, you plan the resource you need by calendars and schedules. So all of the time-related items in your quote are created using schedules. Updating one scheduled activity usually means a whole quote is updated, saving precious time.

Project Analytics and metrics

Executed projects offer a valuable source of information for price engineers. Together with the Project Analytics capacities in cost estimation software, it is easy to perform portfolio analysis, compare cost estimates and extract important key metrics to benchmark against.

Integration with Other Project Management Technology

This permits your cost estimates to join with bookkeeping and other project management applications. It’s one of the greatest methods to enhance cooperation among other office staff and keep all project teams concentrated and well-aligned towards accomplishing your principal project objectives and timelines.

“What if” analysis

Of course, there are certain options or situations with regard to project execution. The costing firms understood you probably don’t wish to create individual estimates for each scenario. That’s why they make the “what if” tool which calculates the project execution to your project costs.

Save Your Information for Next Time

Saving key cost estimating software information for future bids is crucial. On-Screen Takeoff from On Center may be a massive time saver because the takeoff calculations, change orders, specs, and extent changes can be saved and quickly accessed for current and future endeavors.

An endless number of breakdown arrangements

Through a broad selection of customizable job metrics, you always understand what’s happening. Assess your projects, report on key figures and act when necessary. Supported through an unlimited number of breakdown arrangements, you have the flexibility to report in any way you prefer.


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