Think this post about critical SEO steps for new website is not for you? Well, here is a fact for you. According to Search Engine Journal, 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. That’s why you need this ‘SEO checklist for new websites’ to get the SEO right from the very beginning.

Seo steps for new website

SEO is a long-term process and results take time to show up but it helps to implement the right SEO steps for new website to maximum mileage. Here, we’ve created a quick SEO checklist for new websites to help you ensure that your website has a better visibility than your competitor.

  1. Every page of website should be well optimized for unique sets of keywords.
  2. Meta Tags and descriptions should be keyword focused and well written.
  3. Spelling and grammar errors should be done away with. Every SEO checklist for new websites will have this point.
  4. Create XML site map & submit it to Google.
  5. Make sure that your local host pages are not indexed on Google. Very critical SEO step for new website.
  6. Page URL’s should be well optimized and keyword focused.
  7. Ensure that your website is not blocked for Google indexing.
  8. Install YoastSEO to simplify the SEO process.
  9. Web scripts including JQuery must be optimized adequately.
  10. Give proper attention to web page optimization
  11. Avoid keyword stuffing at any cost and don’t forget to add this in your SEO checklist for new websites.
  12. Always remember to put Alt tags to optimize images
  13. Alt tag must be your focus keyword. Else, your SEO for new website will not work.
  14. Install plugins like WP Smush to compress images in your website. Compressed images make your website load faster.
  15. Submit your newly created web posts to search engines i.e Google & Bing to ensure quick indexing.
  16. Avoid Black Hat SEO techniques. They are not worth it and shouldn’t be part of your SEO checklist for new website.
  17. Ensure that each page of website should contain at least 300 words of unique content. Google loves content.
  18. Setup a blog on your domain and publish industry related informative posts. Updating it regularly is also a critical SEO step for new websites.
  19. Build backlinks and use MOZ to find out back links of your competitors.
  20. Set up Google Analytics that will deliver real time stats & data of your website.

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Above are some of the most vital SEO steps for new website. Considering how important SEO is for getting new visitors to your newly built website, you should always launch after going through the SEO checklist for new websites.

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